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Dr. Maragliano-Muniz has provided this educational blog as a resource to our patients and the community. Our hope at Salem Dental Arts is that our blog will cover subjects that you and your family may be interested in.

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What Can Wear Down Your Dentures?
Posted on 8/30/2019 by Salem Dental Arts
Just like natural teeth can be worn down over time, dentures can become worn and need to be replaced. With proper care, you can expect your dentures to last anywhere between seven to ten years. But what wears down dentures quickly? Unusual Wear The biggest culprit in unusual wear on dentures is wearing your dentures to bed at night. Sleeping with your dentures in not only can cause an increase in the bacteria in your mouth leading to periodontal disease; it can wear your dentures down quicker than normal. This is especially true if you grind your teeth in the night. The force of teeth grinding, or bruxism, can cause your dentures to wear down quickly. Remove your dentures and clean them thoroughly, then put them in a glass of water to soak overnight instead of wearing them to bed. Using hard bristled toothbrushes can also cause your dentures to wear down faster. Be sure to choose a brush that is soft to the touch for cleaning your dentures daily. Avoiding super hard foods like nuts or chewing ice is a good idea as well. The occasional hard food is not a problem, but you should not be eating hard nuts on a daily basis with dentures. No matter how well you care for your dentures, they will need to be replaced eventually. Your mouth structure and bone density continues to change and over time, your dentures may begin to feel loose. Having them adjusted regularly and coming in for yearly checkups will allow us to check the wear on your dentures and together we can ensure that they last as long as possible! If you have been experiencing pain or discomfort with your dentures or if you notice unusual wear, please give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you....

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